Janeen Brian's Mosaics
Janeen Brian

I began doing mosaics in the late nineties. From the moment I tentatively finished my first bowl using recycled materials, making mosaics felt right. Tactile, imperfect, full of texture and colour.


I am mostly self-taught but I have attended a couple of mosaic workshops which I enjoyed.


Inspirations from my work often come from necessity. Possibly it’s a backwards approach, but rather than setting out a preformed design which can sometimes spoil the surprise, I prefer the challenge of picking up a piece of broken crockery, a batch of tiles from a recycling depot or a discarded fragment and asking myself what could come from this? I enjoy the sense of trust I put into that process and the connection of the random, the disparate, to form a new whole.


In this, not only is my method of creating mosaics similar to my method of writing, but it also provides lovely, balanced head-and-hand lifestyle.


Along with my love of collecting, be it beach-washed glass from the foreshore or ‘treasures’ from garage sales or op-shops, mosaics fulfils my passion for colour... and recycling.


It is the act of serendipity, the joy of seeing a new piece grow beneath my glue-and-grout fingers that urges me to wonder what I could create next!